Welcome! Sit back and relax as the splash screen displays and Expired Domain Names Pro loads.
Main screen...

Begin by selecting how you'd like to find your ideal domain name. You can choose to perform a Yahoo! and Google keyword search and find expired domains... generate names from a base word... browse the Web and automatically scan for expired domains... find valuable domain names from a word list... or even find all available two, three and four letter domains. Just select the search type to begin.

SCAN Google & Yahoo! for Expired Domains...

Just enter your keyword(s) and watch as Expired Domain Names Pro searches the results for expired domains - and tells you which ones are available!


Simply surfing the Web? Use our exclusive Scan & Surf browser. It works just like a normal Web browser, however scans for expired domain names from the pages, as you surf around!
You'll find the domains listed to the left of the page. With the browser, it's EASY to find the perfect domain!

GENERATE DOMAINS from Word Lists...

Expired Domain Names Pro ships with dozens of high-impact word lists, enabling you to generate and check thousands of exciting domains at the click of a button!

THOUSANDS of possibilities...

Watch in amazement as Expired Domain Names Pro generates hundreds of domain names you would've NEVER believed were available! This secret software tool really does ROCK!


Instantly generate thousands of possible domains, from a simple base word. Then sit back as Expired Domain Names Pro finds out exactly which domains are available to register!

ADVANCED settings...

Wish to use your own WHOIS settings? Our extension editor enables you to easily edit ANY of the program settings, with just a click of the mouse.
Want to begin scanning for your DREAM domain name… RIGHT NOW?

Remember, the domain names are OUT THERE, you simply need to search for them correctly. Stop wasting your time bidding on domain auctions or subscribing to sites that everyone else does.

BE UNIQUE: Take the quest into your OWN HANDS, with Expired Domain Names Pro!
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And most exciting of all – when you purchase today, it’ll cost you JUST $39.95.
That’s less than the price of a meal for two, and it’s a purchase that’ll keep on giving.

COMPARE US WITH THE REST: We do NOT charge monthly fees. We do NOT force you to register domains through us. And we do NOT limit the number of domains you can scan.

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You’ll receive download links for ALL of the exciting freebies the MOMENT you purchase.
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Approximately �25.95 or 28.95 Euros. Price converted to your local
Download links sent instantly. Windows-only.

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